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2019-2020 Course Catalog 
2019-2020 Course Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

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SOCW 382 - Human Behavior in the Social Environment

3 Credits
Human development through the life course is affected by social and cultural diversity, social, political and economic barriers and opportunities, and the roles and status of women. Students apply theories and evidence-based knowledge on the interrelationships among individuals, families, groups, organizations, communities and cultures in local, transnational and international contexts. This includes relationships characterized by social conflict, oppression and violence, and relationships that contribute to human and social development, equity and peace. Three hours a week, one semester.
Prerequisite(s): 3 courses
From Biology: BIOL 223 - Human Biology  or BIOL 270 - Human Heredity and Birth Defects  or BIOL 204 - Forensic Biology  or  BIOL 217 - Culture, Health and Illness  

From Sociology or Social Work: SOCL 217 - Racial and Ethnic Groups  or SOCL 227 - Inequality in America  or SOCW 202 - Black Families in the United States  or SOCW 206 - Latinas and Their Worlds   

From Human Services: HDFS 210 - Voices of Development Across the Life Course  or PSYC 238 - Human Development Through the Lifespan  

Or permission of instructor

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