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2019-2020 Course Catalog 
2019-2020 Course Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Public Policy and Advocacy, B.A.

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Public Policy and Advocacy Minor  
Conservatorship/Guardianship Minor  

The B.A. program in Public Policy and Advocacy is an interdisciplinary Social Science major focusing upon public and community affairs. The major appeals to students interested in policy analysis, community advocacy, political activism, public administration, journalism, conventional and social entrepreneurship, and pre-law.

The program offers two concentrations:

  • Public Law/Conservatorship: For students interested in law school or a career as a court appointed conservator and guardian, which involves financial and health planning for people who need assistance
  • Service and Activism: For students whose future work will, in various ways, involve leadership in public and community affairs

Exciting and successful futures

Students in this major can pursue many different goals with this course of study: a lucrative career as a conservator and guardian immediately after graduation; preparation for work in fields related to activism, policy analysis and advocacy, government and business employment; and preparation for graduate study in the Social Sciences, Public or Business Administration, Public Policy, or Law


Students will complete one of two concentrations. At least two courses in a concentration must be at or above the 300 level. With approval from their major program advisor, students may also choose relevant courses not on the list, but appropriate for a concentration. Students can also take courses through the Consortium schools, as advised.

1. Service and Activism (12 Credits)

Students should work closely with their advisor to select these courses based on the area or type of service and activism they are interested in. With the approval of the program director, students may also choose other courses.

Select four of these courses:

Required internship

  6 Credits

Methods and Research-Oriented Track

Students may also choose the Methods and Research-oriented Track.
Required Course
SOCL 375 - Social Research  

Pre-requisites: SOCL 101 - Introduction to Sociology  and MATH 110 - Elementary Statistics  or PSYC 261 Statistics and Research Methods for the Behavioral Sciences I  

Required internship

  6 Credits

Coordination (3 credits)