Oct 23, 2021  
2020-2021 Course Catalog 
2020-2021 Course Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Education, M.A. Multiple Intelligences Concentration

The M.A. in Education, Multiple Intelligences Theory Concentration is a 30 credit program that focuses on the application of multiple intelligences theory and the arts in traditional and inclusive classrooms as a means to engage students.

Program outcomes

  • Learn to differentiate instruction and assessments through the lens of multiple intelligences theory an application of the arts
  • Develop rudimentary knowledge and abilities in the arts as a platform for developing strategies which engage students of various learning styles and abilities across grades and content areas
  • Develop the ability to use multiple intelligences theory as a process to observe children and the use that data to differentiate instruction and assessment

Acceptance requirements

  1. Graduate admission application and nonrefundable admission fee
  2. A conferred bachelor’s degree from a regionally accredited institution
  3. A minimum cumulative undergraduate GPA of 2.5
  4. Two sealed official transcripts of all undergraduate work and an unofficial transcript of any prior graduate work
  5. Two letters of recommendation from individuals who can attest to the candidate’s suitability as a prospective teacher or to work with children and families, accompanied by the Graduate School’s cover form on the University website.
    Note: Recommendations must be from individuals who are not family members, personal friends or members of the USJ School of Education, one should be from an immediate supervisor
  6. Letter of intent


Candidates must earn a C or better in all courses for continuous progress through the program. After 12 credits, candidates must maintain a GPA of 2.67 or higher throughout the program.

Exit requirements

Students must complete a comprehensive evaluation to meet the university Master of Arts requirement.

Degree Requirements (30 credits)

Multiple Intelligences Concentration

EDUC 515 - Educational Research   (3 credits)

EDUC 511 - Educational Issues: Contemporary and Historical Perspectives  or EDUC 587 - Public School Law  (3 credits)

EDUC 513 - Curricular Applications of Multiple Intelligences Theory  (6 credits)

EDUC 565 - Multiple Intelligence Theory and Arts  (3 credits)

15 elective credits selected in consultation with a faculty advisor