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2022-2023 Course Catalog 
2022-2023 Course Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Mathematics with a Concentration in Computer Science, B.S.

Program outcomes

The student will:

  • Demonstrate a working knowledge of fundamental concepts of discrete mathematics, calculus and linear algebra and their applications to modeling in Computer Science
  • Demonstrate understanding of the fundamental principles of Computer Science, including those of software design, data structures and algorithm analysis
  • Demonstrate strong programming skills, including proficiency in one or two popular programming languages and familiarity with current software development tools, computing platforms and leading-edge technology in Computer Science
  • Critically analyze programming problems and use appropriate techniques to implement efficient solutions
  • Communicate technical concepts and information in a clear, concise, meaningful way, both verbally and in writing

Admission and continuation requirements

A minimum grade of C- must be earned in each course required for the major/minor and a minimum GPA of 2.33 must be earned in the required courses.                                          

Teacher licensure

Mathematics majors seeking teaching licensure should speak to the teaching licensure officer about specific course selection requirements.