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2017-2018 Course Catalog 
2017-2018 Course Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Tuition and Fee Schedule 2017-2018


Graduate Tuition and Fees  

Financial restrictions
Tuition payment options

Undergraduate tuition

Undergraduate Tuition - Fall/Spring/Summer Per Year Per Semester Course Load
Full-time undergraduate $36,273 $18,136.50 (12-18 credits)
Full-time Jr./Sr. Nursing $37,988 $18,994 (12-18 credits)
3/4-Time undergraduate $27,205 $13,602.50 (9-11.5 credits)
3/4-Jr./Sr. Nursing $28,476 $14,238 (9-11.5 credits)
Part-time per credit charge $818   (less than 9 credits)
Non-matriculated students (all programs) $818    
Advanced Second Degree Nursing Program $41,257    
Summer school undergraduate   $550 per credit  
 Program for Adult Learners Tuition: Fall/ Spring/ Summer
Per credit charge $550    
Comprehensive Student Fee - Undergraduate
Full-time undergraduate $1,701 $850.50  
3/4-time undergraduate $1,282 $641  
Part-time (billed by credit hour)   $58 per credit  
Student Activity Fee (Women’s Program)
Undergraduate fulltime   $30  
Part-time Undergraduate   $15  


Room & board (no change)

Room Per Year Per Semester
Single room $9,744 $4,872
Single room w/bath $9.832 $4,916
Double room $6,250 $3,125
Double room: North & South Halls $8,726 $4,363
Meal plans    
285-block meal plan $4,845 $2,422.50
225-block meal plan $4,500 $2,250
150-block meal plan $3,990 $1,005
Commuter meal plans    
20-block meal plan   $195
40-block meal plan   $380
60-block meal plan   $550
Health insurance
(or submit health insurance waiver)

Payment due: 

  • August 1 for the fall semester 
  • December 21 for spring semester
  • May 15 for summer courses

If you register after semester due dates, you must pay at registration.

Special fees for undergraduates

Advance deposit on tuition (Admission fees)
Women’s Program and Second Degree students $250
Program for Adult Learners $150
Incoming full-time first-year students and transfer students, pay fee listed in your notice of acceptance. Applied to first-semester tuition. Non-refundable.  
Advance Deposit on room $250
Non refundable. Applied to room fee and Residential Life Fee.  
Application fee $50

Pay when you apply. Non-refundable.
Fee is waived if you complete your application online.

Credit for other than course work Variable
Fee will be a percentage of the regular tuition per credit. Does not apply to CLEP, APE and other recognized exams of this nature.  
Prior Learning Assessment fee Variable
One free submission within 6 months of completing INTD 115 - Prior Learning Assessment Theory and Practice . $125 for subsequent portfolios.  
Applied Music fees $200-$400
Additional fee for private instruction, per credit  
Laboratory fees Variable
Fees required to offset cost of expendable items used in laboratories See course listing
Fees listed in course description. Non-refundable.  
Study Abroad fee per semester  
Processing fee for students studying in an approved program $500
One- to four-week study abroad as part of USJ course or a program sponsored by an approved outside provider $100
Five weeks or more study abroad as part of USJ course or one sponsored by an approved outside provider $200
Nursing Expenses Variable
Nursing majors must buy uniforms and some equipment  

Financial restrictions

A student whose account is in arrears may be excluded from enrolling in future classes, lectures, laboratories and graduation until such payment or satisfactory arrangement is made. Grades, transcripts and honorable dismissals are also withheld.