Oct 28, 2020  
2017-2018 Course Catalog 
2017-2018 Course Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

School of Humanities and Social Sciences


Wayne Steely, Ph.D.


Ann Egan, Executive Administrative Assistant, 860.231.5797, aegan@usj.edu
Anita Sladyk, Administrative Assistant, 860.231.2000, asladyk@usj.edu

Mission Statement:

We view ourselves as the intellectual and spiritual lifeblood of the University.  Our goal is to help our students, majors and non-majors alike, to live productive, inquisitive, and fulfilling lives as flexible, analytical, and deep thinkers, who can adapt themselves to changing times, while maintaining firm ethical roots. In our programs, we prepare our students for rewarding and significant careers, while helping them to appreciate that our humanity is not defined by just our careers. We encourage our students to find lifelong satisfaction in enduring human values through the understanding of aesthetics, individual inquiry and expression, spirituality, personal relationships, social constructs and systems, service to others and local and global citizenship. We are committed to teaching excellence that mines the wisdom of the ages and invites the innovations and discoveries of the future. In our classrooms and beyond, students will find faculty who:

  • Reflect the University’s values of academic excellence and personal integrity
  • Are learned, creative, innovative, and who understand the learning process
  • Place a high priority on student success
  • Value free and thoughtful exploration of even difficult or unpopular ideas and opinions
  • Are active in professional development and research, and who in turn empower students with the intellectual tools to undertake meaningful scholarship
  • Are readily available for consultation and advisement
  • Embody the University’s mission of providing “a rigorous liberal arts and professional education for a diverse student population while maintaining a strong commitment to developing the potential of women”


Culture, Arts and Languages 
History and Society 
Interdepartmental Programs - Humanities & Social Science 
Philosophy, Theology and Religious Studies 

Undergraduate Majors:

Art History, B.A.
Criminal Justice/Restorative Justice, B.S.  
English, B.A.
History, B.A 
Philosophy, B.A.                                       
Psychology, B.A. 
Public Policy and Advocacy, B.A.
Religious Studies, B.A.
Spanish, B.A.
Women’s Studies, B.A.  

Undergraduate Minors:

Art History Minor
Catholicism and Culture(s) Minor
Conservatorship/Guardianship Minor 
Dance Minor
Drama Minor
Economics Minor
English, Self-Designed Minor
Ethics Minor
History Minor  
Justice and Peace Minor
Music Minor
Performing Arts Minor
Philosophy Minor
Political Science Minor
Public Administration Minor
Psychology Minor 
Public Policy and Advocacy Minor 
Religious Studies Minor
Sociology Minor 
Spanish Minor 
Studio Arts Minor 
Women’s Studies Minor  
Writing Minor

Other  Programs:

Pre-Law Studies (Plan of Study)
3+3 Law Degree  

Also see
Interdisciplinary Programs (B.A. or B.S.)  


Courses offered:
Criminal Justice - CRMJ International Studies - INTS
Dance - DANC Music - MUSC
Drama - DRAM Philosophy - PHIL
Economics - ECON Political Science - POLS
English - ENGL Psychology - PSCY
English as a Second Language - EASL Public Policy and Advocacy - PPOA
Fine Arts - FIAR Religious Studies - RELS
French - FREN Sociology - SOCL
History - HIST Spanish - SPAN
Interdisciplinary - INTD Women’s Studies - WMST