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2023-2024 Course Catalog 
2023-2024 Course Catalog

Nutrition/Dietetic Internship M.S.

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The Nutrition and Public Health Department offers a combined MS/DI program that merges the fully online Masters in Nutrition with our accredited two semester Dietetic Internship (DI). Students who are matched to the USJ Dietetic Internship program automatically meet the requirements for admission to the USJ Masters in Nutrition and are eligible to enroll in the combined MS/DI. Students in the combined MS/DI program will begin graduate coursework in the summer before the Dietetic Internship begins and then subsequent coursework will be completed in the remaining semesters with degree completion the following summer. Verification statements signifying eligibility to take the Registered Dietitian’s Exam will be issued upon successful completion of all requirements for the dietetic internship, as well as, documentation of a conferred Master’s level degree.  Interns matched to the USJ DI will either need to enter the program with a Master’s level degree already conferred or will automatically be enrolled in our combined MS/DI program.  Please see the Course Catalog entry for the USJ Dietetic Internship Program and Graduate Certificate   and Nutrition, M.S. - Online  for more information on the individual programs, the application process, and the course descriptions. Students have the option to complete a Sports Nutrition Concentration or Public Health Concentration within the combined Master of Science and Dietetic Internship program. See the Nutrition, M.S. - Online  for additional details and requirements.



The combined MSDI provides in-depth knowledge and clinical skills to enable the provision of culturally inclusive, evidence-based nutritional care to individuals and groups while allowing  the students to enroll in the Masters in Nutrition program and Dietetic Internship simultaneously.


Program Outcomes

  1. Use critical thinking skills to analyze, evaluate and interpret information in order to determine relevance for professional practice
  2. Become an effective professional leader in a variety of nutrition related settings by demonstrating life-long learning and continuous professional development

Suggested Plan of Study

The 33-credit science based curriculum includes the study of health promotion, nutrition through life’s stages, and the latest research on nutrition-related diseases. You will design your own curriculum in collaboration with the program director to make your coursework particularly relevant to you and your professional goals. Successful completion of the Dietetic Internship allows for up to 18 credits to be applied towards the Masters in Nutrition.

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